Learn Why Real Estate Rebates are Good for Consumers

Real estate rebatesIf you are not yet familiar with real estate rebates and you are in the market to buy or sell your house, this might be the time for you to get acquainted with them. In short, these rebates are a small slice of the realtor’s commission that is given to you at the closing simply for agreeing to work with the real estate agent.

Let us take a closer look at them and why real estate rebates are good for consumers:

1. Simple Path to Free Money – With the real estate rebates you don’t have to jump through any hoops in order to get the money. There is no credit application, there is no background check, in fact, once you sign the contract to work with your realtor, they agree to give you a percentage of their commission. Just be sure that your realtor participates before assuming every realtor does.

2. The Amount of Money – Most people make it to the closing and have barely enough money to eat that first week in their new house. Now imagine the realtor handing you the keys in one hand at closing and several thousand dollars in the other. Just for example, if you were to close on a house that cost $250,000 then you could expect to see a commission check for $2000 – $3000 when the deal is closed.

3. Using Your Money – Now that the closing is behind you, the need for money is more than ever. You could use your real estate rebate to pay the movers to bring your belongings to the new house. The money could be spent to do some upgrades or renovations before you move into the house. Perhaps you are walking into an empty house after spending every penny to close the deal, now you have money to fill the refrigerator and pantry until your next paycheck.

As great as these reasons are to get the money sound, no all realtors participate in the program because it is a piece of their pay that they are handing over. These realtors work very hard for their money, and parting with several thousand dollars can be difficult for many. The smart realtors understand the power in the real estate rebate and know that had it not been for that rebate they might not have gotten this client.

These savvy realtors also know that these clients they gave the rebates to are more likely to refer them to family and friends, and sales is the name of the game in the real estate business.


Lucky 13 Boating Safety Tips for Fun Times Out on the Water

In order to ensure the absolute best times out on the water with your boat, you have to take precautionary measures on a consistent basis. If you take the time to get familiar with these tips, from Boatmo.com a leading pontoon boats listing site, it will be easier to implement them.

Boats1. Take a boat safety class to become more familiar with all the things can may go wrong when you are miles out at sea with your boat.
2. Invest in a good weather radio. Storms can pop up in the blink of an eye, best to have as much information on hand as possible.
3. Never leave the safety of the shore without having a filled first aid kit on the boat in case of any emergency.
4. Charge your cell phone and keep it in a waterproof container in the event you need it for GPS or to make a call to shore.
5. Be sure that you tell one person staying at shore where you will be and when you are expected to arrive back to the docks. In case anything goes wrong they can notify the authorities where to start searching.
6. Always fill up before you head out for the day. Make sure you know where all the fuel stations are during your daily trip.
7. Have a skilled boat mechanic look over your vessel and repair anything that needs attention before you head out for the next trip. Just like your vehicle, quarterly checks can be vital in keeping the boat safe.
8. Be sure that you have more than enough life jackets on the boat for every person on the trip including yourself.
9. Never mix alcohol and driving a boat. Too many things can go wrong and you are responsible for each person on your boat that day.
10. Obey all boating signs, from speed limits to wake zones. Traveling too fast and you may not see a person in the water until too late.
11. Make sure that you bring plenty of water and refreshments on board just in case one of your passengers gets motion sickness.
12. Be sure that you have all the appropriate documents on board in the event you are stopped by the police and they check.
13. If water crafting, be sure that you play in designated areas where all your guests are not in harm’s way.

There you go, 13 tips for ensuring that your next boat trip will be most enjoyable. Keep this list handy and you will be sure to have memorable moments to cherish for a lifetime.


Finding Information on the Best Local Realtors

You should be investing some time trying to find the best local realtor for a number of reasons. One, they are going to work as your representative and close the deal between you and the homeowner. Secondly, they will utilize their experience to find your house and get your offer presented in a way that appeals to the seller. Here is how you can narrow down the search and find the best local realtor to work with furnished to us by the Charleston Homes for sale website goPremierOne.com:

Homes for sale in Charleston1. With so many realtors to choose from, the best way to narrow down the search is to go where the realtors hang out. Facebook groups is a great place to start because not only are locals talking about their experiences with realtors, you are going to see certain aggressive realtors offer their assistance and knowledge to posters whenever possible.

2. Your local Chamber of Commerce recognizes excellence in many areas, one being real estate. If you find your local office and ask for information, these guides will usually showcase the top realtors and the awards they have received this year. These realtors are always working hard to satisfy customers and attract new ones.

3. Chances are really good that one of your friends or coworkers has dealt with or knows someone who has bought or sold a house this year. This is the time to pick their brains and get some real third-party neutral insight into how this realtor performed. These folks have nothing to gain either way, so their comments are usually very helpful at judging the realtors they worked with.

4. Many local newspapers are packed with advertisements from local realtors. Take a look at these papers and any publications that you get in the mail with local coupons and promo codes. When you see a realtor over and over again, they have to pay for that advertising, and that means they are closing deals and busting their butt to be able to afford those expensive ads.

5. Now that you have a few realtors in mind, take some time to visit their websites and read about their awards, testimonials from other residents, and get a feel for how they conduct themselves and could you see yourself working with this particular person long-term. Here you can communicate with the realtor or ask for information.

These are just a few places to look for the best local realtor. Although there are many other places, this is a great jumping off point to get the process underway.